Al-Masar ALIraqiCo

General Trading & Supply


Al-Masar ALiraqi Co,L.L.C General Trading and Supply has focused its activities on seeking to offer services to international manufacturing companies, bulk-importers and commercial intermediaries who are strong advocates for the promotion of their particular commercial goods in the Iraqi market as well as initiating long-term business relationships with the regional governmental and private sectors.


Our expert team of professional staff members has a vast knowledge of the Iraqi market with exceptional sales and marketing experience in market distribution for premium brand names as well as a solid follow-up system allowing companies to deal with Iraqi Al Masar as agent.


As the proxy agent for these global international companies, we offer import and export services that are solely devoted to bolstering and merchandising their product portfolios in different commercial segments and urban projects in Iraq. These tangible agreements are a vital part of the official representation protocols in Iraq.  


We originally established ourselves as a logistics company with a specialized logistical landscape and have an excellent strategy for success in providing a diversified line of services that encompasses warehouses, storage yards, customs clearance and internal transport for all of Iraq. In addition, our offices are located in Basra which is the center of Iraqi economy and with its close proximity to oil fields and ports expands Al Masar’s ability to achieve high quality commercial affinity between global businesses and local agents.