ALMASAR AIRAQI C o.L.L.C   Projects has the resources and the expertise to help you move anything, anywhere in the world, regardless of size, weight or complexity.
Whether by water, air, land or any combination of the three, we help you achieve critical timelines and work within budget parameters.
We use our collective experience and expertise to come up with solutions that get the job done.

We provide transportation logistics from source to foundation for:


Power Generation

LNG, Oil and Gas

Mining Industry

Chemical Plants

Manufacturing Plants

Industrial and Infrastructure Construction


From points of origin to final destinations, ALMASAR ALIRAQI  can transport and deliver anything from individual project components to entire facilities. We can even provide industrial and civil engineering services if needed. Our team of experts coupled with a worldwide network of reliable service partners, delivers the professionalism and reliability you demand for large project transportation and logistics. .

ALMASAR ALIRAQI CO .recognizes that the key to project success is the preplanning... taking every possible step to assure that there are as few surprises as possible… and having the experience and resources to solve the inevitable challenges when they arise.