Warehouse & Handling yard

Al MasarALiraqi co. have established major storage warehousing facilities that are located in the economic center of Basrah which support the prime Iraqi sea ports in the Hamdan District which is known to be a major storage hub for not only the international expat companies but also for the regional Iraqi investment groups as well.


Our modern facility offers a storage capacity of 2,400 square meters of an estimated 12,500 CBM with warehousing facilities that include a backup storage area of 3200 square meters.


In addition, we offer secured CCTV systems 24/7 along with professional guards, cool warehouses, large assembling areas for staging, inspections and pallet building, modern temperature controlled engineered docks and shelters, continuous temperature and humidity monitoring, round the clock IT and warehouse management system support, adequate parking for all sized trucks, logistical equipment for operations including forklifts, cranes, stevedore services and maintain all required packaging mechanisms for incoming consignments arriving to transit in order to prepare for the final delivery to their proper destination.